Soccer Update

We have had a couple of losses to follow up our win against Agassiz.  The next couple of games will determine whether we make the playoffs and possibly provincials.  I have been impressed by the boys’ attitudes and their effort level.  We’re a little inexperienced and fairly young, but this hasn’t deterred them at all.

Today we play Dasmesh at Townsend Park at 3:30pm.  The boys will leave the school at 2:30pm on the school shuttle.  We don’t have the shuttle for the return trip.  We’re hoping that you can pick up your boys at the field, but I will bring the remaining boys back to Highroad by around 5pm.

Next week we play Tuesday and Thursday at Townsend Park, and we will have the same situation.  The boys will go on the shuttle, but will need to be picked up at the field.  We also have a tournament on Friday and Saturday next week.  The boys will be away from school all day on Friday (2 games) and, depending on the outcome of those games, play another 1 or 2 games on Saturday.

We’re really hoping that the jackets arrive before the end of the season.

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